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Song Lyrics



Let’s talk better yet see

From each perspective what it means to be we

The stage is set, the song is played

The drums the backbone from night to day

So I’m a let loose for my ancestry

And manifest this, what I’m meant to be

Essentially, my identity

Is me and everybody has a friend to me

Not self-defined by the fear and the hate

The struggle is the seed used to sow our fate

The ploughman’s pleased to receive these endowments

From trees in the mountains to breeze that surroundin

The city, the state, the street meets the town and

Pure hearts are poundin, open up and let the sound in

Go round and round and

The sun beats down and

Bless you with a love from above like a fountain


You and me, you and me, you and me

Go together like we

Me and you, me and you, me and you

We got things to do- (emcee)

“All that we are, just like the stars”- (sing)


We represent all that evident

Each one teach one

Impeach the president

Set against sin, that’s when life begins

Relevant winds flow below my chin

Hymns of the heavenly remedy from the ebony

Steadily, the revelry-peace release heavily

Readily strong, rhythm in song

Vision when I’m come and decision wasn’t long



Understand this,

Comprehend bliss,

Softly insist an Oxygen shift

Breathe, think, plot, plan

Stand and defend every woman and man

Ran from myself in the days of old

But now I show just what possible

The beauty, pain, all of it strange

Better when together and we forget the name

Maintain all the same thangs

Sound of the man on the chain gang

If I said love was the beginning of life

They’d be lining up

We’d be winning the fight and they’d be signing up

Ascending to heights by defending the rights

Of each and everybody present, extending the light

Hence, we’re spending the night

Open committed, knowin you’re wit it


Any Questions?

Now go get it

…..Music, sound, light, respect,

Power, drums, my lungs project

Kept in the dark no more, when I spark

Thru love and Art

Start to open up hearts

So march and get wit it

Just adjust, pivot

Sync when I’m in it

Beauty, duty-civic

Live it with a love for yourself and community

Life of service means twice the purpose

These type of verses

Bad guys get nervous

That’s how I serves it, as you preferred it


True indeed


You and me forever go together like we

1, 2’s and 3’s means communities

Better when we get it- hit it


Don’t lose the key, nor choose the boogie

Keep it on the level then we settle like ease

The devil might sneeze when we peddle that breeze

Ready for the ripple from a pebble like We?

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