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"On The Road To Peace" is a collaboration between Seattle based Brazilian composer/pianist Jovino Santos Neto and Alma Matters. Jovino wrote the melody and basic form of the piece at Jazz Camp West and then arranged the piece for Alma Matters, plus special guests: bassist, Kanoa Mendenhall, drummer/percussionist, Douglas Alonso, and body percussionist, Keith Terry.


Jovino Santos Neto, keyboard, flute

Peter Apfelbaum, saxophone

Erik Jekabson, trumpet

Natalie Cressman, trombone

Jeff Cressman, trombone

Jeff Weinmann, flute

Douglas Alonso, drums, percussion

Keith Terry, body percussion

Kanoa Mendenhall, bass


John Santos

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(John Santos - June 11, 2011)


Let Us Remember To Lift Our Heads

As We Give Thanks To The Mystery That Is The Sky,

The Stars And The Universe

This Blink Of The Cosmic Eye

In Which Lifetimes Encompass Infinite Eternities


We Lift Our Heads In Humble Reverence

For The Profound Love

That Bonds Parent And Child

And Strengthens Our Resolve To Seek And Understand

The Love In Every Atom And Molecule Of Each Tear

That Ultimately Brings Peace

To A Chaotic World


We Lift Our Heads In Wondrous Introspection

Collecting Strength, Direction And Intention

From The Recently And Long Departed . . .


That Our Learning Has Just Begun


The Well Of Sorrow

Is Inundated By The Ocean Of Profound Joy.

The Night Of Wailing Is Overwhelmed

By The Contemplative Season,

The Abundant Harvest Of Compassion,

And The Timeless Connection With Sentient Beings

As Well As Those Unseen

Whose Presence Is Never Imperceptible.


We Lift Our Heads To Confront The Tendency To Shrink

Even As We Bow Our Heads In Silent Regard

Before The Marvelous Beauty And Unbreakable Nature

Of Enlaced Souls

Rarely Coordinated In Regard To Departure Time,

But Forever Filling Each Other's Cup And Heart 

With The Ageless Love That Fuels Our Journey

On The Road Of Peace.

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